hi, i'm quin. this blog is dedicated to all of the amazing young competitive dancers. please note that i only follow little dancers blogs. i do not follow dance moms blogs!

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We all know Ricky (UBEDAWERK!) is the best male dancer on the show, plus he just killed his hip-hop number too (he is a contemporary dancer tho!) so i feel comfortable not using my votes for him this week. All my votes are doing to this young lady because she has that special thing that no teacher in the world can teach you. You have to be born with it. Vote Jessica!


So You Think You Can Dance on FOX


Hello yes please vote for Jessica a lot so she doesn’t go home

If you didn’t like today’s rendition of Quin’s angry text posts, then I highly suggest you vote for Jessica! Please vote for her she NEEDS to make it further and we almost lost her! Please!!

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i am in the fricking best mood i love everyone

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JESSICA GOT THROUGH?!!!!!?!!?! omg i’m so happy i love everyone

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