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Anonymous: Do you know who sang the cover of "Won't give up" that MDC used in their group dance?


Ahh I remember looking this up last year! It’s an exclusive cover I believe, Shannon had it especially made for her dancers!

I thought it was Christina Grimmie? But she has gotten her friend Julia Harriman to sing covers for some of her dances such as Stay and I will wait!

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Awww Ellie looks so cute!
Anonymous: The studio I think Chloe would be best at is West Coast school of arts from what I've seen they have great dancers with great technique. I think Chloe would benefit from a studio like that.



I have not heard of them I don’t think? Do their dancers compete or?

Yes WCSA do compete! Some of their well-known dancers are Emmy Cheung, Taylor Nunez, Lauren and Brooke Shaw and Aika and Aleah Doone.

Denae Luce also went there last season (she’s now too old to compete) who was in the circle of hope dance at the KAR TV awards last year with Autumn, Mia, Sophia, Hayden and Jessica.

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Ainslee and Carlee’s italian fouette’s

are Chloe’s actually better what

uhm I’m sorry why did you feel the need to bring her into this? These are amazing, there’s not need to compare.

lukasiaktilts - theres no need to compare anyone here(: they’re all better in their own ways. Chloe may be better at italian fouettes than them but they’re working on it. They may be better at some other things than Chloe but she’s working on that too.

Pretty sure these girls are a few years younger than Chloe as well

Carlee has a competitive age of 10, and I can’t remember Ainslee but I think she’s 11? Correct me if I’m wrong, but they are younger. Chloe is 12 and obviously has more experience with them, and good on her for having great Italian fouettés but that shouldn’t diminish the value of these talented girls accomplishment. I don’t think it’s necessary to compare

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